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Christian Community & Worship in Pine Bluff, AR

Pastor Cook

Joy Community Church is a Church that worships God and serves the community. We are devoted to service to our fellow man depending on our God for direction, inspiration and leadership.

The Joy Community Church family proudly proclaims its heritage and connection with the original Pentecostals of Acts chapter 2, and we freely allow free rein to our empowerment of the Holy Ghost. We believe that the Pentecostal experience is one that all Christians should embrace. We acknowledge our Apostolic based theology as the doctrine that was taught by the Apostles in accordance with Ephesians Chapter 2 verse 20.

We invite you to worship and study with us as we explore the beauty of Holiness and the love of God flowing in our souls.

The mission of Joy Community Church is to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ, and be of service to mankind as a whole and the community to which we are a part. We seek to accomplish our mission through preaching, teaching, worshipping, and fellowshipping thereby providing a means for the salvation of souls and the uplifting of the name of Jesus.

Finally, we seek to being service to the community of which we are a part by providing food, clothing, and other necessities.

Additionally, we provide caring and educational opportunities as God provides, always committed to uplifting of humanity in a spirit of excellence.